The Darker Cousin of the Chaos Dreadnought is Born!

March 12, 2012 by brennon

Check out this new Chaos release from the dark minds of Forge World. The Chaos Decimator Daemon Engine is a sight to behold as it strides in front of the Traitor Legions...

Decimator Daemon Engine (Front)

Decimator Daemon Engine (Rear)

Decimator Daemon Engine Scale ComparisonStanding way above its Imperial family this Traitor Legion monster is quite a terrifying prospect. The angular shape of the plates gives it a dangerous and feral look, twinned with the hunched over and broad shoulders of a predator. Standing at 102mm it's quite the beast.

You can check out the experimental rules for it here.

Will you be giving yourself over to Chaos and fielding one of these?

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