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February 14, 2011 by darrell

Arjac’s background in the wolf book goes something like this...

Arjac was a blacksmith (or Iron Priest) for the Bear Claw tribe. Whilst working at his furnace one day with the other Iron Priest’s, they came under attack from sea monsters... Kraken Spawn!

At the climax of the battle, Arjac make a heroic last stand, where he is almost killed. Logan Grimnar, the Great wolf, arrives on the scene, leading a cadre of reinforcements. Seeing what this huge bloke had achieved, Arjac was promoted to Logan’s personal champion and a member of the Wolf Guard... well that's it in a nutshell anyway...

Unlike most of the named characters in the 40k universe, Arjac is not a independent character. This means that he can’t be picked out in combat or shot individually... and for all intents and purposes he's just another regular guy... except of course he's not that ordinary!

Arjac comes with some serious special rules. He hits everything on a 3+ and has STR:10 when in combat. If that's not enough, he re-rolls misses against independent characters and he's an Eternal warrior.

He wanders onto the field toting a Thunder Hammer (that he can lob at you) and the obligatory Storm Shield... in other words... he's a one-man killing machine!

Now, you may say "Darrell... I know all of this!"

Well you got a nerve! But the thing is... when I play Arjac... he never dies!

I've fielded him easily, fifty times and he still stands. Not just in friendly games, but in two entire tournaments. At the end of every game Arjac has remained standing, with a pile of dead models around him.

In one tournament match, against some pretty-boy Blood Angels, he downed three characters, a vindictator and two rhino’s... in the two other games.... enemies just stayed away from him and refused to fight!

You may be thinking that all you need to do dog-pile Arjac and you'll win all your games against the Space Pups! But, no my friends, it just ain't that easy.

Arjac is accompanied by a unit and with the correct choice of bodyguard, Arjac can become nigh-on immortal.

I use 5 Terminators with Storm Shields and Wolf Claw... you see... what happens is, the wolf claw guys kill off most of the opposing unit and then Arjac kills the characters, or any of the target unit that survives the initial savage clawing.

But you know what the best thing about the whole lot is?

If you field Logan Grimnar, then Arjac and his unit become troops! That's (possibly) the best unit of troops in the game!

In the objective missions, you're going to need lucky dice and a dose of cod liver oil to shift those boys.

Once you have them standing firm on an objective, you can forget about it. Meanwhile, the rest of your army can concentrate on taking the enemy objectives. For kill points games, just try taking Arjac's kill point... go on... I dare you!

You'll soon find out, it will cost a lot more than the 1KP you get back for taking him out.

Finally, you may try the line that Arjac and his unit cost about 450 points (700 if accompanied by Logan), now I'll agree that's quite a lot of points... but when you have a unit that never loses... I think it's cheap!

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