Anyone for Dawn of War 3?

August 23, 2010 by lloyd

Danny Bilson a THQ exec has confirmed there will be a Dawn of War III and that it’s already in the works with it due in about 18 months after the Dawn of War II expansion Retribution is done and dusted.

According to Bilson it’s going to have a heavier strategic element which is MMO-like (your guess as to what this will be, is as good as mine) and it may follow the free-to-play model of Company of Heroes Online.

Other than DOW3 he also hinted that the Warhammer 40,000 massively multiplayer online game wouldn't be out for at least two years (ah crap). But we do know that playable classes will include a human scout, Imperial Guard, Orks and Inquisitors. But if you want to be a Space Marine you will need to do a lot of in-game tasks to achieve it (makes sense otherwise there would just be loads).

Personally I’m excited because I believe the video game market can introduce new people to our hobby but I’m also well pissed we won’t be seeing these for the guts of 2 years!

BoW Lloyd.

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