Deadly Blood Angels Descend On Forge World’s Battlefield

January 17, 2020 by brennon

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Forge World have unleashed another pair of miniatures sets for you folks playing as the Blood Angels during The Horus Heresy.

Angels Tears With Volkite Serpentas - Forge World

Leading the way we've got the Angel's Tears here with the Volkite Serpentas in hand. These particular Space Marines are some of the deadliest in the grimdark world of Warhammer 40,000 and The Horus Heresy. Here is the background they shared on them...

"The Angel’s Tears serve the Blood Angels in place of the more common Destroyers of other Legions. They take to the field of war only at the direct command of Sanguinius himself, serving as his agents on those rare occasions when the Great Angel deems an enemy worthy only of annihilation.

The Angel's Tears wear armour that is far more ornate than that worn by the Destroyer squads of other Legions – it's resplendent with Blood Angels iconography. Their jump packs mean that you can easily bring their unique form of extermination exactly where it is needed with ease. Their grenade launchers fire rad grenades, ancient terror weapons that are able to reduce even the most powerful enemy to a feeble wreck."

These particular Space Marines sound like they are very cool indeed and I assume that they are going to be popping up in a lot of people's games. I also like the idea that people are going to be picking up these models and converting them for the grimdark future as it is now too.

Angels Tears With Grenade Launchers - Forge World

You can also pick up the miniatures armed with some heavier weapons too. Here is another of the squad set-ups with Grenade Launchers. All of the rules for the models that you see here are going to be available in The Horus Heresy Book Eight – Malevolence.

It is very interesting to see the Angels Of Death popping up once more as the story unfolds from Forge World.

What do you make of the new models?

"It is very interesting to see the Angels Of Death popping up once more as the story unfolds from Forge World..."

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