New Eldar Harlequin Jetbikes & Rules Spotted For 40k [Updated!]

February 3, 2015 by brennon

Games Workshop look to be flying high with the Harlequins this weekend as some new Jetbikes get leaked online for Warhammer 40,000. See what you think of the new look designs HERE...

Update: Rules have popped up online too HERE!

The rules for these Skyweavers have now popped up online and they are quite an interesting unit. You get two of them for the points cost and as you might imagine they are deadly in close combat. They also get an increase in toughness which is nice! Four more Skyweavers can be added to the squad for additional points and they come with a range of interesting weapons too.

The Star Bolas, the big swinging thing they have on the back with the second rider, is the main event being a 12" range weapon that has Strength 6 and AP 2 with Blast 1. They also get a bonus when they charge with their melee weapons, the Zephyrglaive.

Old Harlequin Jetbike

The new design isn't too dissimilar to the one you can see above. The canopy is still raised above the gun underneath and it still has the familiar look of the regular Eldar Jetbike. The changes come in the fact that it's lost the leering face from the whole canopy and instead just been given it at the top near the rider.

As well as that it has a bit more of a Dark Eldar feel to it in the sense that you can have two riders on the back of one of these. One of them is the driver of said Jetbike while the other holds on behind with a weapon held out to attack unfortunates. One of them seems to have a whip of some kind which looks like it would be a pain to transport and the other a glaive or polearm of some kind.

Not a bad looking kit but nothing overly impressive either. I think the poses of the riders is what's making them look very regular and not as dynamic as they could be.

What do you think?

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"The changes come in the fact that it’s lost the leering face from the whole canopy and instead just been given it at the top near the rider."

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