Enemies of Eldar Beware!

January 21, 2011 by dracs

The big news over at Forge World is the release of a bunch of new stuff with which Eldar players can wreak havoc on the fields of 40k.

Anyone who has seen Forge World’s Eldar range, will know that they have produced some pretty astounding stuff over the years, but this new gear may just take the cake, as well as the rest of the desert... and possibly the after dinner mints too.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the new anti-grav tank the Eldar Warp Hunter.

Now... Forge World have produced some pretty astounding Eldar tank kits in the past few years, with my favourite being the Night Spinner (come on... it’s a Warp Spider's weaponry gone super-size!), but this thing’s brute of a gun, had me wiping a little drool off the keyboard, a large D-cannon capable of tearing open the fabric of reality! How sweet is that!

Eldar Warp Hunter

The model itself looks pretty good too. It has a nice swept-back, aerodynamic feel about it and you really get a sense of its shape having to compensate for the weight of that front-mounted gun.

Which brings me to my main problem with this model. While the gun looks pretty, it also gives the impression that it might make the whole thing nose-dive into the dirt at any given moment!

Still, overall, it's a really nice model, proving that just because something is big doesn’t mean it can’t be graceful.

Tanks aren’t the only thing to get the Forge World treatment. Enter the Shadow Spectres Aspect Warriors.

Shadow Specter Aspect Warriors

These guys are a forgotten aspect specialising in tank busting. Using a combination of holo-fields and jump packs, to stalk the enemy unnoticed, they appear suddenly... where they unleash a devastating rainbow of death from their prism rifles!

These aspects seem to be a bit of a mish-mash of two of the other aspects. Take a bit of the tank hunting capabilities of the Fire Dragons and add a dash of the manoeuvrability of the Swooping Hawks, pour int a resin mold and voila... one Shadow Spectre!

However, I can't help thinking, that it may be a bit difficult for them to find a place amongst the other Eldar specialists.

Having said that, the models Forge World have made for these guys, have really captured the eerie feel this unit is supposed to have, as well as sculpting them with some fantastically dynamic and graceful poses. I believe they will fit in especially well with certain Craftworld themed armies, especially Ulthwé or Iyanden (them being the more morbid Craftworlds).

All in all these guys are definitely worth a look (if your wallet can stand the damage), and their rules can be found on the Forge World website.

Even if you aren’t a 40k player the Forge World site should still be checked out.

The Warhammer Forge page is now up and contains some really nice looking scenery... of course it's also got all the awesome monsters too!

Rest reassured, we will be keeping an eye on Forge World and Warhammer Forge for any future releases.

BoW Sam

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