Engage in Crime With Rogue Trader Hostile Acquisitions

August 22, 2011 by dracs

For the Rogue Trader the difference between honest pay and downright theft can often be a somewhat blurred issue. But now Fantasy Flight provide you with the chance to dive headlong into the grubby world of Imperial Crime with their new Rogue Trader supplement Hostile Acquisitions.

Hostile Acquisitions will provide you with all the information and rules you need for life on the far side of the law, from new character career ranks, such as "Swashbuckler", to rules to creating nemeses. All this will allow you to build your games around criminal enterprise, stealing from the rich to give to those more needy, i.e. you.

But of course those people might for some strange reason be averse to you profiting by them. Which is why the mark of a great criminal is not in the stealing, but in the getting away with it.

I think that this offers an intriguing variety of options for Rogue Trader, but what do you all think? Will you incorporate this into your games? Let us know your thoughts below.

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