Enter The World Of The Harlequin With The Masque Of Vyle

February 18, 2013 by brennon

The Harlequin have always been an interesting part of the Eldar and Dark Eldar background with some fantastic looking models and now Black Library are looking to explore their shadowy world in The Masque Of Vyle by Andy Chambers...

The Masque of Vyle

"Even amongst the eldar, the Harlequins are a capricious, mysterious breed. When a troupe of these deadly warrior-performers discovers a dead Craftworld festering in the webway, they are determined to find the one responsible and exact punishment. Using the ancient craft of their Shadowseer, the trail of destruction leads the troupe to the Sable Marches, a fringe realm of the dark eldar. With several possible suspects of this heinous crime, the Harlequins decide to draw out the guilty one by staging the Masque of Vyle for the archons, a performance that will expose the truth and lead, fatally, to the perpetrator."

Sounds like an awesome adventure. The book will be produced as a hardback novella and you can now pre-order it via the Black Library website. The artwork for this book certainly paints a very vivid picture of these colourful warriors.

Do you think you'll be reading this one?

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