Epic Warhammer 40K Imperial Knights Rules Hit!

March 1, 2014 by brennon

Games Workshop have released their pre-orders for the Imperial Knight Codex on their webstore so you can now go over and get a very cool looking book for your very awesome looking Imperial Knights. I don't care what other people think, these are ace!

Codex Imperial Knights

Inside, from the Games Workshop website...

- A comprehensive history of the Imperial Knights from the Horus Heresy to the Time of Ending.
- Inspiring heraldry and history of a number of major Knightly Houses.
- Informative background information concentrating on two patterns of Knight suit; the Knight Errant and the Knight Paladin.
- Full rules for fielding a detachment of Imperial Knights as a force in Warhammer 40,000, or as an allied detachment to an Imperial force.

I like that last bit. 'Rules for fielding a detachment of Imperial Knights as a force'. So, I can have an entire army of these things? If that wasn't enough there is also a bit of background fluff for you to delve into.

Knights of the Imperium Novella

If you'd like to delve into the background and narrative of these gigantic beasts then you can pick up this novella, Knights of the Imperium, by Graham McNeill. I love these kind of things accompanying releases as it gives an extra dose of history to proceedings. Also, Graham McNeill is an ace writer so it should be fun.

Will you be picking these up?

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