Expand Your 40K Adventures in Rogue Trader Stars of Inequity

January 11, 2013 by dracs

A while back we got a preview for a new adventure for Only War. Well the Imperial Guard aren't the only ones getting new role playing goodies as Rogue Trader is set for a new supplement. It's time to venture out into the Stars of Inequity.

Rogue Trader Stars of Inequity

This supplement, which should hopefully start appearing in shops in a week's time, focuses more upon the Rogue Trader's role as an explorer, expanding the frontiers of the Empire.

The supplement contains rules for generating entire worlds, allowing the Games Master to create whole new planet-scapes for the Rogue Trader and his retinue to explore and exploit.

Rogue Trader Art

One aspect of this supplement which has me intrigued is that it allows you to establish colonies, meaning you will be able to build and control outposts in the far reaches of the galaxy. This is a great addition, providing more story opportunities and drawing the player more deeply into the world they are creating.

Will you be gathering your crew and stepping into the Stars of Inequity?

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