Fighting in the Zone Mortalis with Forge World

February 27, 2012 by brennon

Forge World released this new information on Friday, but here is a collection of all the information you will need on the Zone Mortalis boards. Check out the images below, and the video above...

Mortalis Alpha Tile

Mortalis Beta Tile

Mortalis Delta Tile

Mortalis Gamma Tile

The board sections can be bought as single pieces, or as an entire board with a bit of a snip off the price tag. Incredibly detailed resin pieces that are extremely durable according to the Forge World entry. Something you certainly want for a gaming board. Check out the scale of it below with model in shot...

Mortalis Combat

Mortalis Scale Image

Big enough for a Dreadnought to walk down the corridors this would be perfect for playing some Deathwatch missions in. Would it even be far fetched for someone to come up with some new Space Hulk style mission for this terrain set?

If you want a better look at the rules for this terrain then check them out here.

And discuss the story more on our forums here.

Will you be fighting in Zone Mortalis?

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