The Forces of Heresy are Marching Out of Forge World

October 21, 2013 by dracs

Forge World are bringing us once again to the days of the the Horus Heresy, this time bringing out two of the special units which have since come to characterise their respective chapters.

Firstly we see the Ashen Circle of the Word Bearers.

Word Bearers Ashen Circle

Ashen Circle

These awesome looking assault marines were fanatics who were tasked with working both on and off the field to hunt down and destroy icons and doctrines of false faiths.

The Word Bearers aren't the only of the traitor legions to be appearing from Forge World. The Emperor's Children are also getting one of their elite units. The Kakophoni.



These are the descendents of the modern day noise marines, which have come to characterise the Slaaneshi Emperor's Children. Their early pyscho-sonic weaponry was far more temperamental though than its modern day counterparts.

It is awesome to see the early days of these iconic 40k Chaos Marines. They have a great level of detail which you would expect from Forge World and wouldn't look out of place in either Heresy era or even modern armies.

Fancy going back to the early days of the Chaos forces?

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