Forge World Bring Fear With Their Night Raptors

December 16, 2013 by dracs

This seasonal time of the year is to be darkened with fear as the Night Raptors, elite fighters of the terrifying Night Lord Space Marines, are swooping down out of Forge World.

Night Raptor

Night Raptors

Night Raptor Back

The Night Raptors are brutal even by the standards of this fearsome legion. A unit of bloody murderers, they will swoop down out of the sky to deal death at close quarters and shock the enemy into fearful submission.

While maybe not the most impressive models Forge World have ever done, the iconography and detail of these models is undeniable, making them stand out from the rest of an army and will go a long way towards identifying a force as being the Night Lords.

Do you choose the shock and awe tactics of the Night Lords?

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