Forge World Puts Castellax-Achea Battle-Automata Up For Pre-Order

April 17, 2017 by stvitusdancern

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Well, all of you Horus Heresy players here is a new offering from Forge World, the Castellax-Achea Battle-automata.

These big, bad automatons will be taking the battlefield and delivering the pain. They are described as:

Both miniatures feature a great deal of movement in the legs, waist and arms, and power claws which can be modelled closed or open – both options include inbuilt bolters with Asphyx shells. Much of the hydraulics that power the Battle-automata are visible, and the crystalline cogitator matrix and Thousand Sons detailing sculpted onto the shoulders make this a great model with plenty of scope for the painter.


You can get them with different weapon options such as a flame cannon or a mauler pattern bolt cannon. Either way, these will mess up your day if you are on the receiving end. These will be resin (of course) and multiple parts.

They are up for pre-order currently and are expected to start shipping on April 21st.

Would you want one or more in your army?

"...these will mess up your day if you are on the receiving end"

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