Forge World Let Hecaton Aiakos Out Of His Labyrinth

June 29, 2013 by brennon

If there was one Space Marine Chapter I was going to do it would be these guys. Check out the mighty Hecaton Aiakos for the Minotaurs thanks to Forge World!

Hecaton Aiakos (Front)

Hecaton Aiakos (Rear)

"The ornate Contemptor pattern Dreadnought known as Hecaton Aiakos has been identified by his distinctive heraldry in a number of the Minotaurs Chapter’s campaigns, spanning several centuries. In the Bifrost Uprising, Aiakos gained notoriety when he was mistakenly fired upon by a detachment of Bifrost Huscarls under the brevet command of Brother-Sergeant Augustine of the Viper Legion Space Marines. Aiakos rampaged through the Imperial lines in retaliation, killing thirty-seven Huscarls and Augustine himself, and ripped apart a Leman Russ which had attempted to stop him. His deadly assault was only halted after he received a countermand vox order from his Chapter Master in orbit"

This guy truly is a masterpiece of Forge World design, to me at least. I think he looks nice and dynamic and would be a perfect centrepiece figure for your Minotaurs army. I would love to see an entire army made of these guys and if anyone has any epic pictures of one post them below!

What do you think of Hecaton?

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