Forge World Kits Out Some Heresy Era Infantry

September 21, 2012 by brennon

Angron is taking over now!


I've added a video showing off Angron above too!

It's not just the heavy armour that's getting an upgrade for the Horus Heresy. Forge World are also looking to the infantry of the period and bringing you some fantastic looking Terminators and basic Tactical Marines to create your historical Warhammer 40,000 army...

Cataphractii Armoured Terminator Squad

Cataphractii Armoured Terminators with Special Weapon

First up are the Cataphractii Armoured Terminators that can be armed with a variety of different weapons. The squads can be kitted out with a variety of special weapons, power fists and power axes. They certainly look just the right amount of terrifying!

Early Armour Mark Command Upgrade #1

Early Armour Mark Command Upgrade #2

Early Armour Mark Command Upgrade (Painted)

There is also this Early Armour Upgrade Kit which allows you to make the squad leaders of your Heresy era marines. Nice to see some retro favourites in there alongside some new ideas and designs. The painted examples really do bring these armour sets to life, taking you back in time.

These sets join the mass of other goodies already being offered by Forge World for Book I: Betrayal. Check out more on their Games Day UK Event Page.

What do you make of these kits?

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