Forge World Show You Kharn Before He Was Kharn!

February 8, 2014 by brennon

Alright, this will make a bit more sense in here. Before Kharn was The Betrayer he was simply The Bloody and this is the interpretation of him we've just got from Forge World.

Kharn the Bloody (Front)

Kharn the Bloody (Rear)

As you can see his is pictured and posed in the midst of battle, tearing one of his fellow battle brothers to pieces with his deadly axe Gorechild or the sword Cutter. It's a very cool looking model and you can even have him sans-helmet for a more personal touch as he looks his enemy dead in the eyes.

Kharn the Bloody Without Helmet

A very cool model that will go well alongside others of his Horus Heresy ilk. It does also remind you that despite all that armour Space Marines are actually quite agile, something that doesn't come across sometimes. Very neat indeed.

Will Kharn be in your collection?

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