Forge World Show How People Went to War in Pre-Heresy Days

October 26, 2012 by dracs

Forge World have released a couple of Pre-Heresy era Space Marine Vehicles for you to make use of this ancient and forgotten tech.

Forge World - Scimitar Pattern Space Marine Jetbikes

These Scimitar Pattern Jetbikes have a great bulky and functional look to them, which definitely matches with the Space Marine style of the time.

However, they look like they would take about a day to turn around and bring that front mounted gun to bear. A regular bike would probably end up being more practical.

Forge World - Typhon Heavy Siege Tank

If bikes aren't your thing than the heavy fire power of this Typhon Heavy Siege Tank surely is.

Designed to the specifications of the master of siege himself, Primarch Perturabo, this tank was designed to have the fire power of an Imperial Guard vehicle and the manoeuvrability of a Space Marine tank.

Definitely two welcome additions to any Space Marine commander who fancies playing out the battles of the Great Crusade and the infamous Horus Heresy.

Would you be tempted to play games set in this period? How do you think they might differ?

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