Forge World Unearth the Deadly Necron Canoptek Acanthrites

August 13, 2012 by brennon

Check out these deadly Canoptek Acanthrites for the Necron forces of the 41st Millennium from Forge World! These are some pretty deadly looking cyber-beasties...

Canoptek Acanthrites (Group)

Canoptek Acanthrites (Front)

Canoptek Acanthrites (Side)

Canoptek Acanthrites (Rear)

These Necrons are constructed for no other reason than to destroy those who would disturb their tomb worlds. Equipped with a phase sword sting in the tail and deadly cutting beams I would not want to be faced by one of these on the battlefield.

Canoptek Acanthrites Scale Comparison

They remind me a lot of the machines from The Matrix, but with their own little Necron style to them. They have already made a few people leap for their wallets, so will you be doing the same?

Check out the prototype rules HERE.

What do you make of these?

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