Forge World Unveil the Mechanicum’s Elite Soldiers

March 29, 2013 by dracs

Back when I first started Warhammer 40k I wanted to make a Mechanicum army. Now Forge World are bringing this dream closer to fruition with their latest troop minis being the elite Thallax of the Tech-Priests of Mars.

Mechanicum ThallaxThe Thallax are the cybernetic shock troops of the Mechanicum. Having undergone major surgery, all that is left of the human they once were is their major organs, nervous system and cerebrum, with their skeletons and musculature completely replaced by cybernetic components derived from power armour tech. The result is a cold, mechanical killer that is still capable of a degree of independent thought.

Mechanicum Thallax Close

These are some of my favourite troop minis from Forge World to date. They have a unique look to them, which manages to convey the general style of Imperial technology, yet also keeps the semi-individual nature of the Mechanicum apparent. I hope that this means we might see some Skitarii in the future.

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