Forge World Take You to the World of the Necrons

March 23, 2013 by dracs

Forge World have now released their Necron Realm of Battle tiles as a set to help you create the Necron Tomb World Complex!

Necron Tomb Complex

Necron Tomb Complex 2

This is a pretty cool set which would make an interesting addition to a tabletop, though it might be a little difficult to fight over. But there is something missing... Of course!

Necron Megalith

(You should google image Necron Megalith some time, people have made their own versions. Massive, massive versions.)

Forge World have also released a stylish new biker unit for the Space Marines.

Forge World Outrider Bike Squadron

As you can see, this Outrider squadron has a very different style to the standard attack bikes used by the Space Marines. The bikes are more sleek and high-tech looking, which makes them the perfect way to single out an elite unit in forces which rely heavily upon bikers, such as the Raven Wing or the White Scars.

Will you ride Forge World's Outrider Bikes into the Necron Tomb Complex?

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