Forgeworld Bring on the Conversion Kits

May 6, 2011 by dracs

The guys down at Forge World have been busy lately bringing out a series of conversion kits for us to play with.

First off we have the Eldar Corsair Heavy Weapon set.

This is an expansion upon their recently released Eldar Corsairs conversion kit and will allow you to equip your pirates with some real fire power.

I have to say though that I'm not overly impressed. Nothing about them makes them feel that different from a normal Eldar unit and I think that if you want to base your army around Eldar pirates, rather than being either Dark Eldar or Craftworld, you could do a far more impressive job with some attempts at conversion.

However, what Forge World have peaked my interest with is their new selection of Salamander shoulder pads.

Personally I really like the style of the Salamanders and I think that the decor of these shoulder plates does it justice. I hope we'll soon be seeing loads of your miniatures bearing these emblems with pride.

Any way what's your verdict guys? Are these kits worth getting? Especially would any of you consider getting the Corsairs? We'd be especially interested to see if any of you have any Corsairs that you've converted yourself, as I'de love to see how they stand up against what I consider to be a rather bland attempt by Forge World.

BoW Sam

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