FREE 40K Mission Pack – The Obsidian Monolith

December 24, 2013 by lloyd

It was obvious that the Monolith, and probably the lightning storm, were not the result of any natural effect. The drones determined that there was some sort of technology in the Monolith hidden beneath a layer of an obsidian-type material, but none was capable of determining the source.

The Logis Strategos ventured that this Monolith could be related to the Necron Pylons usually found in the Cadian sector, but conclaves of Crypteks from all over the galaxy stared puzzled at this new contraption, while many Eldar Seers wondered if this was just another trick of the laughing god Cegorach.

Who would be the first one to lay hands on this new piece of eldritch technology? Some will want to study it, some will want to destroy what they cannot understand. They all know that their endeavour could be contested by any of the forces of the galaxy, and they will be prepared for the clash.

FREE 40K Mission Pack

The Obsidian Monolith - Click Here to Download

Just in time for Christmas we have created a mission pack contains everything you need for a full day of Warhammer 40K awesomeness.

Login to Beasts of War with a free account and download and print the pack today.

The pack even includes a cool self print model of the Obsidian Monolith and markers to play the missions, get ready for war over three epic games!

Self Print Obsidian Monolith

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Merry Christmas form all of the Beasts of War team!

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