Games Day 2012 Horus Heresy Pre-Releases from Forge World

September 18, 2012 by brennon

As some of you may know, Games Workshop's massive Games Day UK 2012 will be hitting the NEC this weekend. One of the biggest draws has always been the Forge World booth where this year they will be showing off the mighty forces amassing during the Horus Heresy...

The Horus Heresy Book I - Betrayal

As well as the book being on show at the event there are going to be a few morsels that might just bring in the crowds. You might have to elbow your way through the masses to check out these...

Scimitar Pattern Space Marine Jetbike SquadronThese Scimitar Jetbikes are available as a Squadron or by themselves and are looking fairly brutish and deadly on the field of battle. It also provides a look back at the times of the Heresy and how technology has changed between then and the current period of war.

MKII Legion Shoulder Pads

MKIV Legion Shoulder PadsThese shoulder pads will also be on offer, with designs on them to re-create the Legions of the time. I bet you can spot a few of your favourites in there. But if you prefer decals and transfers then you could just grab yourself some of these sheets instead...

Space Marine Legion Etched Brass Sheets

Space Marine Legion Decal Sheets

Forge World are certainly providing a great amount of accessories to complete your Heresy Legions and take a chapter back in time to when the entire galaxy was rocked by Space Marines fighting Space Marines.

I will be there for Beasts of War, tweeting away and taking pictures furiously and then suffering insane amounts of shiny syndrome as I look at all the gorgeous models.

Check out the prices for these releases HERE.

Will you be raiding the Forge World booth when you get to Games Day this weekend?

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