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September 30, 2013 by brennon

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Games Day 2013 happened over the weekend and while the event wasn't as great as it could be (more on that later in the week...) there was still a lot of shiny models to see and things to try out. Right now you can view a mass of images I grabbed from the event over on Facebook but check out some more below that look pretty ace...

Dark Elf 3-Ups

Dark Elf Corsairs

Dark Elf Monster

Dark Elf Shards

Dark Elf Spearmen

New Dark Elf Art

New Dark Elves

First up as you might imagine the Dark Elves featured prominently in the Designer's Studio area of Games Day. There were a lot of folks on hand talking about the miniatures and how they had been designed. As I've mentioned on the forums I really like practically all the miniatures from the new release.

I also found out some interesting subtle things that exist between High Elves and Dark Elves. Where High Elves have double bladed weapons the Dark Elves have single bladed ones. As well as that where High Elf bows are vertical their war machines are horizontal and vice versa for the Dark Elves. I thought that was a neat little touch that showed off this similarity in background between the forces.

White Scars


Storm Raven

Space Marines

Space Marines 3-Up


Emperors Children

As well as Dark Elves Space Marines also featured heavily with a massive board showing off the Dropsite Massacre (see Facebook for some full battlefield pictures). As well as that they showed off Space Marines of all different colours and creeds.

This also led to us having a chat with the designers behind the special edition codices for Warhammer 40,000. I had met one of the designers before at a Mantic Open Day (sorry your name escapes me!) and she talked at length about the effort and work they put in to making them special pieces. I have to say having held one in my hands and flicked through it, it's certainly worth the extra money...well, maybe not seventy pounds worth it but I could see them being an instant buy if they were just a little more expensive.


This was also one of the pieces that the Designers showed off. Some of the eagle eyed amongst you on Facebook noticed that it said Heroquest on the box! This was there interpretation of what it 'could' be like if Games Workshop went back and made it with full 3D terrain and all the trimmings.

Warhammer 40,000 Carnage #1

Warhammer 40,000 Carnage #2

I also got my hands on Warhammer 40,000 Carnage. This is an iDevice and Android game which is more or less a straight arcade brawler in a platforming style. With one hand you make your Space Marine run forwards and then with the other you tap the various attacks. It was quite fun and even though it was a very, very early build it has some potential. Like 'Kill Team' I think it could be a sleeper hit.

Forge World Tech

Forge World Tech #2

If you're technically minded and like the folk who live on the surface of Mars then Forge World had some very nice offerings. My friend (the one who took these images!) is obsessed with them too so no wonder they appeared in his selection of images from the day. I can't fault him either, they are very nice looking.

And now it's time we had a look at some of the entries for Golden Daemon and Armies on Parade...

Golden Daemon Entry - Kabalites

Golden Daemon Entry - Grey Knights

Armies on Parade Space Marines

Slannesh Daemon AoP

Radagast AoP

Necron Lord


Maelstrom Dreadfleet Diorama

Imperial High Command

Horned One

Goblin King

Dark Eldar AoP

Necron AoP

Empire Single Miniature

Dark Eldar

As you can see there was a lot of nice miniature artwork going on once again. Where Armies on Parade and Golden Daemon was situated though felt a little out of the way (it was hidden about four levels down in a basketball court!) and it was all a bit cramped down there.

Two of my favourites from the day are above including the Dreadfleet Diorama (it should have won in my opinion!) and that amazing Grey Knight Squad with some nice additional levels of technicolour.

Pictures by Jack Brown

What did you think of the day?

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