Games Workshop “Unveil” Plans For Animations & Warhammer+

May 24, 2021 by brennon

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Games Workshop held another of their preview events over the weekend that took another look at the animations they have planned alongside a fairly vast array of creators. They also teased all of this is going to be available through Warhammer+.

Warhammer Animations: What's Coming? // Games Workshop

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As you can see, this is a pretty vast array of different shows for us to dive into. It seems like the majority of these are going to animated series rather than full movies. If they're anything like the animations we see on the likes of Prime or Netflix I'd expect them to come in around the ten to fifteen minute per episode.

  • Hammer And Bolter -An anthology of animated stories, featuring characters and factions from across the worlds of Warhammer, Hammer and Bolter has something for every Warhammer fan.
  • Angels of Death - Battered by warp storms, a small band of Blood Angels find safe harbour above an isolated world. All is not as it seems though, and soon the scions of Sanguinius have fresh foes to contend with.
  • The Exodite -In the midst of a brutal conflict, a T’au Stealth Team must undertake a critical mission against the armies of the Imperium. But the T’au aren’t the only force vying for dominion here, and powers far older and more mysterious are at play…
  • Iron Within -When beleaguered Astra Militarum forces face annihilation, they must turn to salvation from a most unlikely source. Is the enemy of your enemy really your friend?
  • Altar of Wrath - After a grinding war of attrition, the last Black Templars of a Crusade seek to strike a final, decisive blow against the Necrons to end the battle for good.
  • Blacktalon -A notorious hunter is unleashed to slay Sigmar’s most grievous foes – but the secrets of Neave Blacktalon’s past follow wherever she treads, even beyond death.
  • Interrogator -This tale of crime and heresy in an Imperial hive city explores the tragedy and horror that haunts the servants of the Inquisition. Interrogator blurs the lines between right and wrong… can the ends ever justify the means?
  • Broken Lance -Towering war machines stride the battlefield in a drama that sees the survivors of a once-noble house of Imperial Knights facing the sins of their predecessors.
  • Pariah Nexus -Explore silence and death in the darkest corners of the galaxy. As the Indomitus Crusade reaches the Pariah Nexus, strength and faith will be tested to the limit.
  • High Lords - Politics and treachery abound in the Imperial Palace. For ten thousand years, the High Lords have governed the Imperium in the Emperor’s stead. Such power brings corruption, intrigue, and danger to all who would grasp it.
  • Astartes II -Witness the forces of the Space Marines in unrelenting action as they take the fight to the enemies of Mankind.

Of all of the shows that they have lined up I am most intrigued by Hammer And Bolter as that anthology of shorts. I like the breadth of the grimdark that they are seeking to cover with that and the animation style appeals to me a lot.

Warhammer+ Shows - Games Workshop

It's neat that we're seeing Age Of Sigmar getting a look in with Blacktalon but I'm also hoping for more. I would imagine a lot of folks are also very excited to see what Astartes II ends up looking like. High Lords also sounds like a neat alternative since it's looking at the (even) more sinister side to the Imperium. The same goes for Interrogator.

I could take or leave Angels Of Death (even after the seven-minute preview). I just don't like that style of CGI animation. It all feels really clunky but I appreciate that it will be right up a lot of people's streets.

We also got this sizzle reel showing the animations that they have in the works...

Warhammer Animations Sizzle Reel // Games Workshop

Again, very impressive. We got a look at the opening cinematic for Warhammer 40,000 which is going to be turned into the Pariah Nexus series. Plus, did you notice the little snippet of what we assume is going to be the new introductory cinematic for the next edition of Age Of Sigmar too?


All of this is going to be available through what they are labelling as Warhammer+.

Warhammer+ - Games Workshop

Warhammer+ // Games Workshop

I would say that we have more information on this but we really don't. We're going to have to wait until 23rd June for the full reveal of exactly what Warhammer+ is. This is what they did say as part of a smaller preview over the weekend...

"Animations are just the start. There’s a whole heap of stuff coming, from more exclusive content to special-access areas, and dedicated offers and rewards. There might even be some exclusive miniatures in the offing…"

I guess we can speculate here a little bit. I would imagine this is going to be a new subscription service that will be set up alongside the likes of My Warhammer and the likes of their Warhammer 40,000 App. You'll then be able to access the animations through their own dedicated Warhammer+ space alongside the other content they highlighted above.

As I mentioned, I am very interested in what Games Workshop has planned but it comes down to price and the content they're offering. People don't have infinite wellsprings of cash and they are probably going to have to dump one subscription to sign up for this. So, you'd have to hope that the offerings from Warhammer+ exceed what they're getting elsewhere.

I'm still somewhat baffled that this wasn't revealed at some project alongside the likes of Netflix or Prime but I guess we shall wait and see what they have to say in June.

Are you interested in these plans from Games Workshop?

"I guess we shall wait and see what they have to say in June..."

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