Games Workshop Gears Up for the Crusade of Fire

November 16, 2012 by dracs

Are you prepared to watch the galaxy burn? Than step into the Crusade of Fire with GW's upcoming 40k campaign book.

GW - Crusade of Fire

This book allows you and your friends to engage in a story driven campaign as you compete for control over the Corvus Sub-Sector.

The Crusade of Fire

The book looks to come chocked full of great new artwork as well as some fun new rules to start mixing up your games. Most intriguing are some new rules allowing you to fight your battles in a variety of environments, from low gravity to the surface of a demon world.

Fighting on a Daemon World

The Crusade of Fire Contents

This book looks like a must buy for any Warhammer 40k fan. I have always loved the ability to turn my games into a narrative experience and this supplement looks to provide a lot of challenging new scenarios to try out. I particularly like the idea of warfare in low gravity. Maybe that would explain the bouncing space marines on the bridge in the Ultramarines movie?

Who among you will be pre-ordering this book from Games Workshop?

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