Games Workshop Prepare Snazzy Ident For New Ventures

January 21, 2020 by brennon

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Games Workshop has been showing off a new Ident they have been working on which will brand all of the new content they have on the horizon...and there is quite a lot of that.

The new ident features some rather heroic sounding music which you can find out more about HERE. A lot of effort went into what is quite a small piece but it seems apt considering the grimdark majesty of both the Warhammer 40,000 and Age Of Sigmar worlds.

Additionally, whilst the ident is cool I think the main focus is on some of the extra bits of news that Games Workshop mentioned in the article. We know they are working on Angels Of Death and there is an Eisenhorn live-action series in the works too. But, a 40K Anthology show is also coming too which seems like a neat way to introduce more people to this grimdark setting.

There is more to learn about what Games Workshop has planned next week too. The Warhammer Storyforge is going to be a thing and we're fascinated to learn what that all means!

I would personally love to see them do something animated around the tales of Gotrek & Felix. The old stories (and the new ones) would be perfect for an animated format, perhaps in an anime style like the recent Castlevania series to really push the heroic edge.

What do you like to see Games Workshop do when it comes to TV, film and beyond?

"What do you like to see Games Workshop do when it comes to TV, film and beyond?"

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