Games Workshop Wear Their Chapter Markings With Pride

April 17, 2012 by dracs

Games Workshop are now accepting advance orders on some new transfer sheets of Space Marine chapter markings with which to mark out your armies.

Games Workshop - Chapter Transfers

These sheets provide you with chapter markings for well known armies such as the Salamanders or Logan Grimnar's great Company.

Logan Grimnar's Great Company Transfers

Salamander Chapter Marking Transfers

But there are also transfers for some of the more esoteric chapters, such as the Death Spectres or the Mentor Legion.

Mentor Legion Chapter Marking Transfers

Death Spectre Chapter Markings Transfers

So if you are looking to build up an army of any of these staunch defenders of men be sure to head over to Games Workshop and place your order now.

Do you guys like to use transfers? Or do you prefer free hand?

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