Gav Thorpe Tells the Story of the Ravenwing

December 3, 2012 by dracs

Few forces have the reputation of the Ravenwing of the Dark Angels and now Gav Thorpe will tell the tale of one of its members in his latest work for Black Library.


When he joins their prestigious ranks, Brother Annael finds himself thrust into a whole new world of shadowy intrigue, and privy to secrets unknown to his common battle-brothers. In the wake of the conflict at Kadillus, hints of a dark conspiracy begin to emerge, and it soon becomes apparent that the Ravenwing has a sacred duty far more vital than hunting down orks...

This sounds like an intriguing story line based around one of the most secretive sects of the most secretive Space Marine Chapter. Stated as being Book One of the Legacy of Caliban Trilogy, this looks set to make a good series to pre-order and get into.

Do you think you will pick up Gav Thorpe's latest book?

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