GW share price dive bombs! HORROR!!!

January 5, 2011 by warzan

Well... all I can say is I'm not really surprised...

So the interweb is ablaze with reports of Games Workshop having a hard year and ultimately I'm sure the recession will be blamed (as always it's the consumers fault for not spending their cash!), so let me put forward another possibility.

We have had one of the most boring spells from GW that I can remember in the last few years. Let's be honest the releases over the past few months haven't exactly been setting us on fire and I've found it a bit of a struggle to maintain any interest in the release schedule for 40K or WHFB stuff for the last few months now.

The promising days of cool releases for Apocalypse and of course the mighty Space Hulk seem so far away now. While there is no denying the recent releases are technically and artistically beautiful, the question has to be asked "are they exciting?"

A crazy old multi-millionaire once told me that not every industry is affected by recessions and entertainment tends to do well. My take on this gem of wisdom was that because the entertainment industries are based on creativity they have a natural defence "the ability to help us forget about the rest of the crap going on in the world".

I can't help but wonder where the 'exciting creativity' has been within the walls of GW this past year?

Perhaps we're just in a natural lull?

However, I can't help but wonder... maybe the company has lost all backbone... maybe they have just become totally risk adverse, in an effort to demonstrate to share holders, that they are a stable company who are playing it safe... striving for a modest growth year on year.

However, to the community, I think it is seen as a company, who's just not doing the cool and exciting stuff we used to see.

Would someone like to remind me what the "must have" GW kit was this Christmas?

So what to do? ... well... how about taking some risks again, they have been paying off after all!

Start by fulfilling the potential that Apocalypse has shown and get a superheavy out for every faction. (plastic warhound is a no brainer!)

Push harder on the Cities of Death and introduce Tau kits and Eldar Kits.

Raid Forgeworld, it's a profitable R&D division, so treat it as one and pull the cool stuff out and get it into mass production... even if that means rolling out plastic-resin products.

Jes and Phil did an amazing job on rebooting the Dark Eldar, but part of me suspects that it just took too long to happen for it to mean anything. So much so, that all but the hardcore fans (and our hats go off to those guys, you have our respect here in BoW), had little to no interest in them.

Perhaps then, it's time to start keeping on top of the armies, with a faster more aggressive release schedule. Move away from the codex and the army book and introduce stat cards! This will break you free of the ball and chain that the codex/book format has become. With stat cards you can release new units at any time... damn it... even the Forgeworld models can become a living part of the game with an official stat card.

You have the ability to move to a completely different and agile business model that will let creativity and excitement flow.

So how about it?

BoW Warren

Source - BBC News 05/01/2011

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