Harlequins Dance Out Of The Net-Ether Showing Off New Kits!

January 27, 2015 by brennon

So that didn't take long. On the back of the video release we have the leaks (although seems silly to call them leaks nowadays) for the Warhammer 40,000 Harlequin re-release complete with new rules and some very nice looking kits. See them HERE...

Harlequin Vs Chaos Marine

Harlequin (Art)

As you might imagine these dancers of death are some rather deadly individuals and as well as the images of the models they've also come along with some rules to enjoy too. They once again have a mean ability to deal damage in close combat although they're toughness remains just as Eldar-like. The real kicker comes in their kit of course like Holo-suits and Flipbelts so all the bells and whistles are there. Of course the original weapons of choice remain too like the Harlequin's Kiss, Embrace and Caress.

As well as the Harlequins themselves and their Troupe there is also the addition of the Solitaire. This crazy dancer comes with an ability called Blitz. This allows him/her to roll a number of dice equal to the turn number and then that's how far he/she moves. This can be over other models, through terrain, everything. When he/she gets there the attacks ramp up all the way to ten!

They are also armed to the teeth, come with a bucket of special rules and his/her Prismatic Blur means he/she moves a standard 12" regardless of Blitz! Did I mention they come with a standard six attacks?

What do you think of the new miniatures?

"as well as the images of the models theyโ€™ve also come along with some rules to enjoy too"

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