High Ranking Putrifiers Join The Echelons Of The Death Guard This Week

October 7, 2017 by brennon

The forces of the Death Guard in Warhammer 40,000 find themselves with some more support as additional characters are thrown into the mix for their army of the putrid. See what you think of the Games Workshop releases for this week...

Biologus Putrifier

First up we have the Biologus Putrifier who are able to refine and perfect the formula that allows your Death Guard forces to bring more noxious and dangerous concoctions to the tabletop. The nod to Nurgle is evident in the style of his helmet and the three eyepieces and I like the selection of potions and strange ethers he has at his disposal.

Next up we have the Plague Marine Champion and the Plague Marine Icon Bearer who are key components of your force going forward with alternative models to use when building your squads.

Plague Marine Champion

Both of the models have taken the look and feel of a lot of their standard Plague Marines and added a few tweaks and here to give them some more character on the tabletop. I particularly like the little daemon on the Champion's base who has stolen his patron's helmet.

Plague Marine Icon Bearer

While these might not be essential models as you could probably kitbash your own I think they are great for those who maybe don't have an extensive collection of bitz to draw on when it comes to the tabletop and their new army for Warhammer 40,000.

Last but not least we have the backbone of your force with a new set of actual Plague Marines for you to pick up.

Plague Marines

With a range of close combat and ranged weapons at their disposal as well as some options for special weapons this selection gives you some alternative to throw into the mix and maybe bolster some of the squads you had as part of the main set you bought to get you going.

What do you make of these new infested releases?

"I particularly like the little daemon on the Champion's base who has stolen his patron's helmet..."

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