The Hive Fleet Has Arrived, New Tyranids For 40k!

January 4, 2014 by brennon

Games Workshop have put up the pre-orders for the new Tyranids Codex and the models that come with it. See what you think of the kits, some of which you can see below.

Codex Tyranids

First up we have the codex itself which is actually looking very snazzy. The cover art for most of the new edition codicies has been top notch and always has something action packed on the front. The limited edition is also available if you want to splurge on your race of choice.



Harpy Hive Crone

Tyrant Guard

Then we get to the models themselves and it's interesting to note that on the whole not much has changed with the range. The Termagaunts and Hormagaunts remain the same, and they were good models regardless, but you have some rather large creatures making an appearance now to fill that 'mega-monster' gap.

The mass of of tentacles that is the Haruspex isn't my cup of tea but the Exocrine really is. It's just a massive Biovore but it reminds me so much of the bugs from Starship Troopers.

The flyer, this Harpy/Hive Crone just looks strange. It looks like it wouldn't be able to fly even if you covered it in jet engines but maybe it's got something I'm not seeing which makes it brilliant.

Either way, the Tyranids have arrived and they are looking to start eating your world soon.

What do you think?

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