Horus Heresy Black Library Haul Up On Humble Bundle

December 8, 2021 by fcostin

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Looking to dive into some reading this winter? There is quite the library up on Humble Bundle at the moment for Horus Heresy fans. If you are looking to fill some gaps in your virtual Black Library, there are 23 different audiobook titles readily available for as little as £13.27.

Horus Heresy - Image Two

The Horus Heresy // Humble Bundle Collection

Just plug in your headphones, and let the 40K lore do the talking. Perfect for a bit of background noise for your hobby, you can pick and choose whatever titles you want from the bundle, or collect them all to start from the very beginning. Titles include Horus Rising, False Gods, Fulgrim and many more.

The bundle retails at 460.28, and you can pay whatever you want (as long as it hits the minimum of £13.27) if you want to get them all. However, you can pick and choose titles for even cheaper if you are looking to fill some gaps in your collection or knowledge!

If you are new to the whole Humble Bundle platform, users are offered a chance to pay whatever they feel they want to pay for the bundle. As not all money goes to Humble Bundle, money goes to the creator and towards a charity picked by the creative geniuses behind the campaign. It is never a clear cut 50/50, you can really choose where your money goes and pay however much you want for it. But for this campaign - starting for as low as £13.27 for all of the swag.

And your money going to a great cause - with part of your purchase being donated to the EveryLibrary Institute, connecting people and communities to libraries everywhere.

Are you tempted to dive deeper into an audio adventure for Horus Heresy?

"Just plug in your headphones, and let the 40K lore do the talking..."

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