The Horus Heresy: Burning Of Prospero Now Available For Pre-Order

October 22, 2016 by brennon

Games Workshop has now added the new Horus Heresy: Burning Of Prospero set to their webstore allowing you to pre-order it for the start of November. Space Wolves will be facing off against Thousands Sons as Ahriman and Geigor clash...

Burning Of Prospero

The set is going to come with all manner of boards, cards, dice, tokens and more allowing you to play out the Burning Of Prospero. Space Wolves have been joined by the Custodes and the Sisters Of Silence to bring the Thousand Sons to account. In terms of the gaming aids you get...

  • A 16-page book covering the story behind Burning of Prospero;
  • A 32-page rulebook;
  • 15 Psychic Power cards;
  • 36 Warp Energy and Willpower cards;
  • 5 detailed, double-sided board tiles representing the buildings of Prospero;
  • 24 dice – an assortment of D6, D8, D10 and D12’s;
  • A transfer sheet.

A whole host of bits and pieces that match up with the kind of components we saw in Betrayal At Calth but with a few more polyhedron dice thrown into the mix too.

Game Boards

But, who wants to look at the cardboard stuff when we have nice models!

Heresy Era Heroes

Geigor Fell-Hand is leading the way for the Space Wolves with his cruel-looking Lighting Claw and bolter at his side. I love that they've gone the whole hog here and really shown off the extra adornment around the Space Wolves, speaking to their Barbarian background.


By comparison, we have the more measured and thoughtful looking Ahriman who is desperately trying to keep the secrets of the Thousand Sons from the claws of the Space Wolves.


Some great models once again and showing off what they can do with their plastic. I think Geigor is the better of the two but I reckon a lot of people are loving the look of Ahriman.

A Wall Of Iron

Backing each of these forces up are thirty MK III Space Marines in their 'Iron' Power Armour. The split gives you ten Space Wolves and the other twenty are to be used for the Thousand Sons.

Space Wolves

The Thousand Sons are then backed up by some Tartaros Terminators who are going to be defending their city to the death.

Thousand Sons

While this might end up being a little unevenly matched the Space Wolves have some amazing reinforcements on the way. Coming to their aid are the Custodes...



...and the Sisters Of Silence. With all of this psychic energy leaping around it pays to have some folks to nullify the effects of its power.

Sister Of Silence

Sisters Of Silence

Now those are some amazing looking warrior women. I love those big greatswords that will be smashing into power armour and cutting low their foes.

There are all manner of exciting prospects on offer here but it's nice to see Games Workshop telling another story from the Horus Heresy in boxed game form.

You can follow along with a great Designer Talk above where they go into the boxed set and the reasoning behind what they've done here.

Will you be picking this up?

"Space Wolves will be facing off against Thousands Sons as Ahriman and Geigor clash..."

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