The Horus Heresy Gets Graphic

November 6, 2012 by dracs

Black Library have made the exciting announcement that November 2013 will see the Horus Heresy series stepping into a whole new medium, the graphic novel.

Horus Heresy Comic Panels

Horus Heresy Comic Starship

Written by Dan Abnett and illustrated by Neil Roberts, Macragge’s Honour will weigh in at a hefty one hundred pages. The full-colour graphic novel explores the epic naval battle that starts in Know No Fear when Kor Phaeron escapes in the Infidius Imperator and Chapter Master Marius Gage gives chase.

Horus Heresy, starship naval battles, Dan Abnett. Oh man I want this I really want this 2013 can't come around quick enough I hope the world doesn't end before then!!!!

Sorry, had a bit of a geek out moment there. Black library's range of graphic novels based in the Warhammer 40k universe have previously been of top notch quality, and with Dan Abnett and Neil Roberts involved Macragge's Honour is promising to be a truly vibrant kick off for this new look at the Horus Heresy.

Do I even need to ask?

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