Horus Heresy Goes Hardback

October 18, 2012 by dracs

Black Library have announced that they will be publishing Horus Heresy novels in a new hardback format, starting with the upcoming book Angel Exterminatus.

Black Library - Angel Exterminatus

This latest addition to the series, written by renowned Black Library author Graham McNeill, focuses on the master of siege Perturabo and his legion of Iron Warriors. Joining forces with the Emperor's Children, Perturabo leads his force in search of an ancient xenos weapon capable of extreme destructive potential, all the while being hounded by the survivors of Isstvan  V and the remnants of an Eldar craftworld.

As well as being published in hardback, this new novel in the popular Warhammer 40k series will contain exclusive artwork by Karl Richardson.

Black Library - Angel Exterminatus Illustration

This will definitely be a must have for any collector and it will be interesting to see just how popular this latest format is with readers.

What do you guys think of publishing hardback copies of the Horus Heresy? Is this a good move on Black Library's part?

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