Will You Join the Deathwatch and Face the Rising Tempest?

May 10, 2012 by brennon

I have faced the Tau first hand in my Deathwatch Campaigns and they are certainly no push over. So when I saw that Rising Tempest, a Deathwatch Campaign was now available from Fantasy Flight Games I had to pause and offer up some words for protection to the Emperor...

Deathwatch Rising Tempest

Rising Tempest pits your Deathwatch team against the mighty forces of a Tau incursion as it threatens to boil over and threaten the entire of the Jericho Reach. Will the spies and sympathisers within the Imperium topple all your well laid plans and bring you to ruin?

Deathwatch Artwork

Here are the three parts to the campaign...

  • The Depths of Treachery—The Kill-team travels to the iron heart of the Canis Salient to eradicate a subversive xenos presence imperiling the might of the Imperial war machine. But stirring in the chaos of sedition and catastrophy, they’ll stumble upon something much darker.
  • Assault on Javar Nil—Pursuing clues of an ancient evil, the Battle-Brothers find themselves caught between the factions of a holy schism on the shrine world of Eleusis. There, they must safeguard the blessed core of the Achilus Crusade.
  • Exterminatus—Struck at the very bastion of their power, the Kill-team must brave the horrors of the Hadex anomaly and return to a long-lost citadel to save their galaxy from utter ruin!

This campaign could prove to not only satisfy the chainswords and bolters of your Deathwatch team but also their Role-Playing finesse.

Will you save the Jericho Reach?

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