All Your Landraiders are Belong to Swampy!!!

February 21, 2013 by Justin

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That's right guys its time for a different take on transport vehicles in your games of Warhammer 40K as Swampy and Justin share there thoughts on the state of play for these perhaps forgotten and over looked models.

All Your Landraiders are Belong to Swampy!!!

What you will need:

Azrael 215 Points

Ezekiel 45 Points

Two Techmarines 100 Points

Servo Harness 50 Points

Digital Weapons 20 Points

Ravenwing Black Knights 252 Points

Two Ravenwing Grenade Launchers Free

Land Raider Redeemer 245 Points

Deathwing Vehicle 30 Points

Extra Armour 10 Points

Company Command Squad 100 Points

Dark Angels Chapter Banner 45 Points

Apothecary 15 Points

Four Melta Guns 40 Points

Three Lightning Claws 45 Points

Two Power Fists 50 Points

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