Learn About Charging & Fighting In Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition

May 2, 2017 by brennon

Games Workshop has gone into more detail about the way Charging works as well as the subsequent Fight Phase which will get into the blood and guts of Warhammer 40,000.

Dark Eldar

In the Charge Phase of the game, you will pick a unit that is twelve inches of an enemy and roll 2D6 to see if they make it into combat. The enemy unit will then get a chance to fire back with Overwatch, hitting on a six.

Importantly, however, you also only need to get within one inch of the enemy unit in order for the charge to be considered a success (more on that later). You cannot, however, come within one inch of an enemy you did not declare you were charging.

If you do want to charge multiple units then they will all get their Overwatch shots at you. Units also no longer are limited and as long as the unit being charged isn't engaged they can continue trying to keep the enemy at bay.

Fighting Dirty

This then leads into how the Fight Phase has changed in 8th Edition and here's where we begin to see shades of Age of Sigmar.

Sanguinary Guard

We all know that Chargers will get initiative when it comes to striking first in combat but past that we see a system which is similar to that from the Mortal Realms in that subsequent turns of combat are fought by alternative units picked by their commanders.

This means you aren't going to get utterly ruined by that unit of combat monsters and that unit of Grots might just land a hit to take one of them down before they get torn apart in a tide of gore.

Because of the method of engaging foes, you can also make the most of a three inch move to allow you to consolidate your soldiers closer to the foe.

"Units that activate gain a free three inch move towards the closest enemy. This can be used to get within one inch of other enemy units, if you’re cunning, dragging more foes into the melee and preventing them from shooting next turn, even if you didn’t charge them directly (giving them no chance to overwatch).

Enemy gun lines will need to be careful about how they position their supporting units, so as to avoid getting dragged into the fight too."

There are units out there that break this flow of combat allowing them to strike before their opponents even blink.

How are you liking the sound of this?

"...that unit of Grots might just land a hit to take one of them down before they get torn apart in a tide of gore"

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