Games Workshop Look Ahead To New Codexes, Gangs & More From Middle-earth

June 5, 2018 by brennon

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Games Workshop gave everyone a bit of an update on what to look forward to when it comes to their various games, both big and small. We start with some news from Warhammer 40,000.

Codex Space Wolves - Warhammer 40.000

There are going to be two new Codexes on the way for fans of 8th Edition. The Space Wolves, or Mega Sci-Fi Vikings as I like to refer to them, are going to be getting themselves an upgrade with additional rules and tweaks for using the Space Marines with possibly the most personality in the grimdark.

If you're a fan of Xenos then you'll also be able to get your hands on the Orks (man, when did they stop calling them Space Orks?) Codex.

Orks Codex - Warhammer 40,000

Once again, you'll be getting yourself a revamped and up-to-date list of what you can do with the Orks of Warhammer 40,000 with a fair few surprises thrown in their for good measure too I would imagine.

Another Xenos race that is going to be getting some love is the Genestealer Cult. Some new options, models and more appear to be on the horizon if this preview is anything to go by.

Genestealer Cult Preview - Warhammer 40,000

Now that man has had a bad day. Half his face is turning into another face AND he just got booked for road rage after getting out of his Cult Limo and tearing up a stop sign. Not a good day to be him...although I'm fairly sure he's going to clobber some fools with that concrete block!

New Necromunda House

As well as the news from Warhammer 40,000 we also have a new gang for those who like playing Necromunda. Here we have the announcement of House Cawdor.

House Cawdor - Necromunda

Masked and armed with deadly weapons which have been cobbled together from whatever they can find down in the Underhive, these gangers are a cruel selection of personalities. The team at Games Workshop have been doing a sterling job updating the look and feel of the Necromunda gangs.

They still retain a lot of what made the old gangs characterful, but with a modern twist.

Nighthaunt Heroes

Age Of Sigmar also sees its 2nd Edition soon and the new enemy of the Stormcast Eternals is the Nighthaunt. They are led by three different heroes, one of which was shown off during last weekend's preview.

Nighthaunt Named Characters - Age Of Sigmar

Flanked by two of his followers this chap seems like someone to take notice of. It is a bit step up from what we've seen so far of the Nighthaunt AND maybe it's a tweak on the Knight Of Shrouds we saw during the Malign Portents campaign?

Middle-earth's Future

As well as the work going into all of these lines we also have news about what's coming up for fans of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game - Games Workshop

We look to be getting a more inclusive name for the game going forward which is good...and this...

LotR Battle Of Pelennor Fields - Games Workshop

I can't wait to see what this turns out to be. A lot of people have been speculating a new boxed game...and if that is true, well, sign me up immediately!

What are you looking forward to from Games Workshop?

"A lot of people have been speculating a new boxed game...and if that is true, well, sign me up immediately!"

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