Looted Vehicles Iz Goin’ From Da New ‘Dex Boss!?

June 5, 2014 by brennon

We've been hearing on the grape vine that Looted Vehicles might be going from the upcoming Ork Codex and with that in minds we thought we'd see what you're favourite vehicles were to bosh together for the glory of your Warboss and the Waaaaaaaagh!

Looted Baneblade

Looted Piranha

Looted Leman Russ

Looted Chimera

Looted Rhino

Of course there were some firm favourites to loot but with Orks your mind can go utterly wild! So, if you don't see an option below in the poll that you like then fire up your typing fingers and let us know what you loved converting for your green tide of awesomeness!

There's nothing stopping you from doing this kind of thing in the new edition of course, Orks are resourceful, but if Looted Vehicles really are going to the scrap heap what will you use your looted vehicles as?

[poll id="16"]

Comment below!

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