No Tech Is Safe From The Lord Discordant In Warhammer 40,000

March 14, 2019 by dracs

Games Workshop have previewed another HQ choice that will soon be coming out to lead the forces of Chaos Space Marines. A master of daemon engine technology, The Lord Discordant.

Look at this thing! It's like the GW design team asked themselves, "Can we make a a Chaos Lord more metal?" and then answered "Yes. Yes, we can!"

The Lord Discordant is akin to a Warpsmith with the dial turned up to eleven. They lead the charge from atop their daemon engines, dealing out damage with their chainglaives and mechadendrites. however, that alone isn't what makes them so dangerous.

That comes from their Aura of Discord, disrupting enemy vehicles while bolstering your own daemon engines. This makes them the obvious leader choice for any force filled with those twisted works of malignant machinery.

I will admit, I have never been more tempted to turn to Chaos then I have been seeing this. The daemon engines have always been the most interesting part of a Chaos force for me, so the idea of getting an army focused around them really appeals.

Would you set your army under the command of a Lord Discordant? 

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