The Lord Inquisitor Faces Off Against More Than Daemons

July 10, 2013 by brennon

The Lord Inquisitor film is still working away behind the scenes and every so often they drop us a little sneak peek behind the scenes. Below you'll see some of the very early Genestealer work-in-progress shots...

Genestealer #1

Genestealer #2

The Genestealers are looking great even now, with plenty of texture put into the face. I thought that the main enemies of the peace were just going to be Daemons and Chaos worshipers but xenos are getting involved too.

I wonder if this means that we'll see more than just the Grey Knights getting involved? With xenos in the way they should be calling on the Deathwatch for their expertise.

Are you looking forwards to this film?

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