Meet Andy and Darrell at Huddersfield Games!

January 23, 2013 by dracs

Hey guys, ever wanted to play a game of 40k against Darrell and prove him wrong? Well that's nice, keep dreaming kid. But you could get the chance to at least try as he and Andy will be going to the Huddersfield 40K Slam Tournament this April!

Huddersfield Games

Yes, Beasts of War's very own dynamic duo of cheddar are taking part in the Huddersfield Games' 40k tournament on the 27th-28th of April.

So if you have a bone to pick with them or just want to buy them a drink (they will love you forever) be sure to pick up a ticket. Details can be found on the Huddersfield Games site or on the Beasts of War Forum.

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