Megaforces and Wall of Martyrs Arrive at Games Workshop

November 12, 2012 by dracs

It looks like Games Workshop are gearing up for Christmas with the release of some new box sets; four megaforces and one defensive terrain set called the Wall of Martyrs!

Games Workshop - Megaforce and Terrain Boxes

First let's start with the new Megaforces. These are some new massive army boxes which will provide you with formidable army to get gaming with straight away. Warhammer 40k is getting Megaforces of the Space Marines and Necrons,

Space Marine Megaforce

Necron Megaforce

while Warhammer Fantasy gets mighty armies for the Empire and the Vampire Counts.

Empire Megaforce

Vampire Counts Megaforce

As you can see these box sets are stuffed full of all kinds of goodies, ranging from troops to special heroes. The Empire set even gives you Karl Franz! How epic is that?

All in all these sets are definitely providing you with a powerful force, which will be a fairly good starting point for a beginner, or provide a helpful expansion to an existing collection.

My only concern would be that this is probably more geared towards an established gamer, as someone new to the hobby might find the size of the army a bit daunting to start with. The problem here is that those who are already more into the hobby are more likely to pick up what their armies need individually.

Along with these armies we have a new terrain set for the tabletops of Warhammer 40k.

Wall of Martyrs

This is the Wall of Martyrs, an Imperial defence which can be assembled in a variety of configurations. With a nice level of detail and the option to change its set up, this terrain piece looks like it could provide a new narrative and strategic element to your games. And to set your fears at rest, yes it does have skulls on it.

What is your opinion of these box sets? If you want to get hold of them, better pick them up quickly as supply is limited.

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