Morale Rules Revealed For 40k + Expansion Content For Shadow War: Armageddon

May 4, 2017 by brennon

We've not got our first look at how Morale is going to work in Warhammer 40,000 and those of you who have played Age of Sigmar are not going to be surprised about this one!

Morale Image

Put simply you will test the Morale of each unit that has taken casualties that turn. You roll a D6 and add the number of casualties taken to that dice roll. Any value above your units Leadership is the number of models you lose from the unit as they flee, get cut down, panic, or scream in terror.

Particular models will also throw a spanner in the works here. The examples cited included a Dark Apostle which confers his Leadership onto units around him and the Hemlock Fighter which can reduce the Leadership of units around it due to its frightening presence.

Simple and effective some would say but what do you think?

Shadow War: Armageddon Downloads

Games Workshop has also put together some Multiplayer & Solo Character Downloads for you to use with Shadow War: Armageddon. The first of these, multiplayer, allows you to play with a selection of different Kill Teams on the tabletop.

Multiplayer Scenarios

Multiplayer Rules & Scenario

This boils down to a particular scenario which would allow for all of your Kill Teams to get stuck in. It's always good to have some bad dash for resources as either the end or the beginning of a campaign on the tabletop.

In addition, the team has also put together rules for using One Man Armies on the tabletop. Yes, these are lone operatives like Sly Marbo (pictured below) who can take on entire Kill Teams by themselves.

Sly Marbo

Teams Of One Rules

Teams Of One Characters

This sounds rather fun and I do like the idea of a single soldier being able to push behind enemy lines and take down targets like a ghost. The download contains rules for Sly Marbo as well as two types of Assassin, the Vindicare and the Eversor.

What do you make of these extra goodies for Shadow War: Armageddon? Hopefully, they expand on both of these concepts over time.

Drop your thoughts below...

"Simple and effective some would say but what do you think?"

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