Necrons are Imminent! But what would you change?

October 5, 2011 by warzan

Necrons Imminent

Every source we have (both those on the inside, and those who ... shall remain nameless) have been telling us that we need to be stocking up on gauss weaponry and dusting off our mighty Megalith!

Yup... Necrons are next! (Or for Christmas, or not just for Christmas - if SOB get in the way!)

The rumour-mill for Necrons is going into overdrive, all we can pretty much say for sure is to expect a big fluff injection (ooh err), and that the entire dynamic of how Necrons wage war is changing oooooooh!

And there will be amazingly cool models! (We expected this much anyway!)

If this is true... and we have no reason to doubt it... then now is a great time to consolodate our speculations, so ... what updates would you like to see to the Necron Codex? And what rumours do you think hold water - we will compare them once the release is out.

So search out those rumours and post them here so that we can discuss what we think is true, false and just plain made up.

What would you like to see changed?

What would you like to see kept?

Come on guys... we need to hear what you have to say about your favourite immortal killing machines!

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