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August 5, 2019 by brennon

Games Workshop had more to share this weekend as they unveiled the coming of lots more Space Marines for those building up their Primaris armies. As the iconic symbol of everything Warhammer 40,000, it seems given that we get something new and shiny for them every year.

Codex Space Marines - Games Workshop

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The focus shifts towards an entirely new Codex for the Space Marines which brings together all the existing elements of the Space Marines plus the new releases which are appearing this weekend for pre-order as well.

Games Workshop has said that this is the most exhaustive look at the background of the Space Marines to date, focusing in on the Indomitus Crusade and the growth of the Primaris as the fierce fighting force that now defends the Imperium.

Of course, this also means delving into just how they have been integrated alongside their experience Battle-Brothers who have been waging war for thousands of years. However, not all Space Marines fight in the same way and so that is why there will be a series of Codex Supplements coming out to support the various iconic Chapters available to you.

Choose Your Chapter

The first two have been previewed starting with the Ultramarines, the backbone of the Adeptus Astartes and some of the most battle-hardened Space Marines out there.

Codex Supplement Ultramarines - Games Workshop

They will then be joined by the White Scars who are also getting themselves a Codex Supplement soon. It's nice to see them being covered as they don't seem to always get the love they deserve.

Codex Supplement White Scars - Games Workshop

Beyond that, there is set to be a Codex Supplement for every one of the iconic Chapters as mentioned above. This means the likes of the Salamanders, Black Templars, Space Wolves, Blood Angels and more. It was also announced that the Deathwatch and Grey Knights are also going to be included as part of this supplement update.

Iconic Characters For Iconic Chapters

The path of the Primaris is one that many have travelled and two larger than life characters from the Ultramarines and White Scars have crossed the Rubicon Primaris now. The first of these is the master of psychic power, Chief Librarian Tigurius.

Chief Librarian Tigurius - Games Workshop

Clad in his new armour and yet still featuring iconic accessories, I wouldn't be surprised if at some point all of these old veterans get the Primaris treatment. We've seen the change of scales and proportions over the years for the Space Marines and whilst this one has been justified by fluff and lore it's still just another change to the design of the standard Space Marine. Whilst others might still lament the passing of the last generation of Adeptus Astartes I can't wait to see them all become Primaris.

Second of the characters, it the new take on Kor'sarro Khan. This veteran warrior strides into battle in his new Primaris guise, a deadly looking blade at his side.

Kor sarro Khan - Games Workshop

One hopes we'll see more new cool stuff for the White Scars, mounting up on the Primaris version of bikes perhaps? Some of the new models that are coming our way might be a good fit for the lighting fast White Scars who pride themselves on swift and brutal engagements.

New Units On The Way

Leading the way for the new units in Warhammer 40,000 we have the Invictor Tactical Warsuit. Whilst it ain't a dreadnought, it certainly gives you the option to field something akin to it!

Invictor Dreadnought - Games Workshop

Used by scouting forces in a Space Marine army it has sound-dampening materials built into the body which allow it to fight alongside snipers, scouts and more. As well as bringing to bear a big cannon on one arm plus two in the chest, it also has a 'pistol' version of a heavy bolter which it can use when it needs to. Whilst a Space Marine doesn't particularly need extra armour, it would maybe have made sense that it had a covered frontage.

Some folks have said that this doesn't make sense to use in a scouting capacity, but since when has anything in Warhammer 40,000 made sense? If you like it, just go for it and add it into your force!

Sticking with the larger options for the moment we're seeing the evolution of the faithful Rhino with the Impulsor. This is Games Workshop's answer to a dedicated transport option for your Primaris Space Marines.

Impulsor Tank - Games Workshop

Whilst I am still not on board with the idea of floating grav-tech vehicles for the Space Marines, it's good that the vehicle at least exists. I imagine with a little tinkering you could switch it up to be back on tracks or wheels perhaps.

You could maybe be transporting some of these new troops into battle like the Infiltrators here with their Stalker Bolters.

Infiltrators - Games Workshop

Maybe you might also find yourself dropping off these new scout options, the Eliminators, along the way? Again, it's nice to see that everything is getting that little bit more Primaris, bringing the entire range into line with the new aesthetic for the Adeptus Astartes.

Eliminators - Games Workshop

Of course, it wouldn't be a new release without the inclusion of a Primaris Lieutenant in Phobos armour to fight alongside these stealthier troops. We've seen a lot of them for sure but this is one cool looking model!

Phobos Lt - Games Workshop

If you're interested to see these models in video form the folks at Games Workshop followed up the images with a neat trailer too.

With all of these new releases coming our way the team at Games Workshop talked to some of the folks from the studio about their experience with the Angels Of Death over the years. This had me feeling very nostalgic.

I think the first time that I saw Space Marines was when I walked past a Games Workshop at my local shopping centre. My friend at school had been telling me all about the different armies you could play as and I was enthralled with the idea of Space Elves (aka the Eldar/Aeldari). Whilst I liked the idea of cool Space Knights I didn't truly start an army of them until I picked up Black Templars a few years down the line. They were so easy to paint!

Something Stirs In The Darkness

As well as the news about Space Marines something else is coming which will make the grimdark world of Warhammer 40,o00 even more grimdark.

What do you make of the Psychic Awakening and what do you think will happen as this new chapter in the saga unfolds?

Let us know all of your thoughts below!

"I didn't truly start an army of them until I picked up Black Templars a few years down the line. They were so easy to paint!"

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